Bug Zapper (2-pack)-UST-Z-12865
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Bug Zapper (2-pack)
Bug Zapper (2-pack)

Bug Zapper (2-pack)

Part Number: UST-Z-12865
Availability: 1252 Piece(s)
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  • 1.?Effective Mosquito Killer?: The 2020 latest type of mosquito zapper.The effective coverage of one bug zapper is about 16 square meters.lt is suitable to be used in living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom etc.
  • 2.?Safe and Chemical-free?: Physical way to kill mosquito, non-toxic and non-radiative. Rid your indoor living areas of flying insect pests without using harmful chemical spray to do harm to the environment.With the protective cover, this bug zapper is safe for children and pets.But also please keep your kids and pet away from this insect killer.
  • 3.?Easy to clean and use?:Please turn off and unplug it. Use a screwdriver to touch the metal plate and then clean it with a brush or soft cloth.Plug it into an AC outlet. It will get the best effects in a dark room. Please turn off the light in your room at night for 10-20 minutes and then turn on the bug zapper. It is recommended to use it continuously for 24 hours.
  • 4.?No noise?:This mosquito zapper starts operating noiselessly by simply plugging into an AC outlet.And High energy saving
  • 5.?Note?:Do not use it on an environment with strong lights.Do use a screwdriver to touch the metal plate in order to release static electricity otherwise you may get electric shock!

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